Phad Thai

Pad Thai (favorite Thai’s food), translated as the word means, a Thai word “Pad” is stir fry and the word “Thai” means Thai style.

Pad Thai food have become known. Until widely from time to marshal postscript Pibol war. That during World War 2. You have to get people to campaign for Taa, Thailand put together a 2 goal is

1. Thai food consumer advocacy. Create unity and patriotism.
2. the campaign comes to eating hot noodles. To reduce the volume of consumption of rice shortage during the war, the economic fall low.




Because food is a popular Pad-Thai. Find it easy eating. A general sales and taste delicious. Thailand each puff shop store How to cook the recipes and techniques unique to each store unlike Joint inheritance, many years. To be said. Thailand has a versatility not eat beef, which can be available each day. But it also has put Thai cooking methods that do not duplicate each store.

If that must be selected to “Pad Thai” as a food of the Thai nation. Is considered. Very proud. Because all types of Thai food. All delicious and unique. And unique flavors. Difficult decision to choose Thai food guide and filled with art and culture. It is love. And popular around the world. Not lose the country?.

Ingredient :
Hants line 1 kg
200 g medium prawns Kuladam.
Skinniness 100 grams
Hard tofu yellow split small pieces 1 sheet
China heads the nude chopped 100 grams
Cayenne pepper 50 grams
Roasted peanut cursory pound 100 grams
4 egg foam.
Beansprout 1 / 2 kg.
Kuicheai split a 200 gram piece.
Garlic, minced 50 grams
Makamepiik water 1 / 2 cup
Fish sauce 1 / 2 cup
Sugar 1 / 2 cup
Vegetable oil 1 / 2 cup
1 cup water.

Garnish – vegetable side dishes
Pepper fish sauce sugar lemon slice banana blossom Kuicheai beansprout raw leaves are cut short Bawbk.

How do :
1. shrimp shells split after sheep take on head to rinse clean.
2. pan put a tablespoon vegetable oil 2 medium light enough hot oil to fry chopped garlic put enough onion Insert fresh shrimp cooked enough puff to get up. Enter the fried tofu head bore nude pound dried shrimp, chopped peanut and insert a line Hants put enough water into a small line tenderness
3. Season with fish sauce sugar water Makamepiik pepper put together enough to get suspended.
4. strike enough to crush the cooked eggs. The line in order to fill the puff. To put together.
5. Beansprout refill cards Kuicheai to put together. Enter the shrimp is cooked and then put down.

Serve dip with vegetable side dishes The preparation and seasoning.