Greang Jai history

This article is Historical reference about "Greang Jai"  for the general explanation refer to our article "Heart Culture"
The two key historical sources of this most important kind of greng jai.
 (I mispelt it intentionally to capture the word in alternative search words used by readers)
This first obligation towards elders
as in patron-client relationship, began during Siam's feudal or sakdina (field of power) era where every division of society was ranked into a caste system.
Even though the sakdina system was abolished with the events of 1932, the idea of obliging elders or those of a higher social standard is thoroughly embedded in the Thai psyche.
As the saying goes: Understand sakdina and you understand Thailand.
Secondly, the idea of greng jai towards
for example, parents, is very much Chinese in origin and rooted in the idea of obligation towards one's elder blood relations.   ie., as rather similar to the above sakdina-type psyche, it's payback time to those who have helped put the bread on the table and the clothes on your back.
Other important Heart words are offered in our article "Heart Culture"

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